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02/24 The Gym Leader Challenge @ 1pm

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    Date: February 24th

    Time: 1:00pm

    Entry Fee: $10

    Player Cap: 40

    We are very excited for another Gym Leader Challenge event! GLC is an exciting and unique way to play Pokemon, in which you become a Gym Leader. Choose your type, choose your Pokemon, and battle it out to see who comes out on top!

    The rules for GLC are simple. Pokemon in your deck can only be of your chosen type. For example, if you are a Fire gym leader, you can only have Fire Pokemon in your deck. The format is singleton, which means you can only have one of each card in your deck, besides basic energy cards. All Pokemon in your deck cannot have a Rules Box, which means no Pokemon V/GX/EX/Radiant etc. Owl Central will even have a few decks to loan out if you are unable to build your deck beforehand!

    Players will be paired for 4 swiss rounds, with each round being 35 minutes. The player with the best record at the end of the event will have the chance to take on Owl’s Gym Leader! If you won the last event, that’s you! If the current Gym Leader has the best record, the second place person will be able to challenge for the spot of Gym Leader. The title of Gym Leader will always default to Owl staff, so if the current Leader is not present, the person with the best record will challenge Tommy! If you win, you are given the title of Gym Leader and will have the chance to defend your title at the next GLC event!

    Each player will also receive their $10 back as store credit!

    Parents should expect this event to end around 3:30pm.

    For any questions regarding event details, please message Owl staff on ourDiscord Server, reach out onFacebook, or send us an email at events@owlcentralgames.com




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