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Spring 2024 Warhammer 40,000 Ladder League

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    WE”RE BAAAACK!  Welcome to the Winter/ Spring 2024 Owl Central Games Ladder League!  It’s time to battle it out and see who reigns supreme in the Owl Central Games Warhammer 40K Meta.  This league gives our players a chance to battle it out in a casual, friendly, chaotic environment. Details on how the league will run can be found below, and you can register In Store or Online at OwlCentralGames.com!


    Link to League Information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wy1EbI_IXtUtGaSHw8aNZf-x0v7Es0YApxIcF2Fzb8A/edit?usp=sharing

    • League Cost - $10.  Please note, all entry fees will go towards prize support for the end of the league.

    • The league will run from Tuesday February 13th through Tuesday May 14th.

    • League games must be played at Owl Central Games.  While not required, it is encouraged to play during our Tuesday Night Mini’s events.

    • Mini’s table space is only guaranteed on our Tuesday Night Mini’s events.  If you are attempting to play a league game on another day or time, be sure to check availability with Owl Central Games staff.  If we have an event scheduled, we will not be able to assess table availability until the event has started. 

    • Games will be played with the latest Matched Play Rules, FAQ, and Errata from Games Workshop.  It is anticipated that these rules will change during the course of the league.

    • Games can be played at any point level agreed upon by both players, but cannot be greater than 2000 points.

    • You may play different lists or even factions throughout the league.  The exception to this will be the current Rank 1 holder of the league.  Details below.

    • Once your game is completed, ask an Owl Central employee for a Ladder League result slip.  Fill this out and return it to the counter.

    • Standings will be updated in the order slips are received.

    League Structure


    • When you sign up for the ladder league, you will be added to the bottom of the rankings, in the order of registration.

    • Players can challenge anyone who is both ahead of them in ranking, and no more than 1 level ahead of them ( Example: Player 9, could challenge anyone rank 4-8, but not 1-3.)

    • A challenge cannot be declined.  If a time cannot be agreed upon to play a game, contact the TO:  Rob.Owlcentral@gmail.com

      • In the event of scheduling issues, Tuesday availability will be given priority.

      • If you must reschedule your game, please attempt to give your opponent 24 hours notice.  

      • In the event a game is missed the following penalties will be applied:

        • 1st game missed - Warning

        • 2nd game missed - Drop 1 position on ladder

        • 3rd game missed - Dropped to bottom of the ladder

        • 4th game missed - Removed from the league, without refund 

    • If the winner of the game is the lower ranked of the 2 competitors, those players switch places on the ladder.

    • If the winner of the game is the higher ranked of the 2 competitors, the winner switches places with the player ranked directly above them.  If the winner in this scenario is ranked 2, instead, the losing player switches places with the player directly below them.

    • If a game results in a draw, both players retain their current positions.

    • If a player loses a game for the rank 1 spot, they are moved to the bottom of the ladder instead of down 1 position.

    • The rank 1 player must defend their position with the same faction they claimed the position with.  Due to the casual nature and loose points level requirements of the league, they may change their army within that faction.  It is encouraged to keep your rank 1 army as consistent as possible though.  To do otherwise would be dishonorable, and bring shame to your faction.

    • If a player is inactive for 2 weeks, they will be moved to the bottom of the ladder.  If other commitments or life events cause you to go inactive for 2 weeks contact Rob.OwlCentral@gmail.com.  Depending on circumstance, we may be able to find a hobby challenge you can complete to retain your rank!

    • Prizing - All League entry fees will be added directly into the prize pool.  At the conclusion of the league, prizing will be handed out as follows

      • 1st place - 40% of prizing

      • Most Games Played - 30% of prizing

      • Random draw of active players - 15% of prizing

      • Random draw of active players - 15% of prizing

    • As a note, no one will be eligible to receive multiple prizes. If you are in 1st place and have the most games played, you will only receive the prizes for first place, and the player with the 2nd most games played will receive the “most games played” prizing.

    • If there is a tie for most games played, we will use position in league ladder as a tie-breaker.

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